Avipro, head over chicks

Avipro Co. Ltd, known as Food and Allied Industries Ltd up until 2011, marks the beginnings of Eclosia Group’s story. A pioneer in poultry production in Mauritius, its main activities include breeding and production, grouped respectively under its Farming and Processing entities

Chickens are reared in secure, automated farms and in optimal conditions to keep them in the best possible health: the farms conform to strict biosecurity standards and the flocks are fed a healthy and balanced diet. Before being transferred to Processing, where they go through the production cycle (slaughter, defeathering, evisceration, penetrant testing, marking, cutting, packaging and chilling), the birds are caught by chick catchers, who require a good level of dexterity to handle the chickens with care and avoid injury. Chick catchers begin working as early as dawn to make sure the chickens reach the factory in a timely manner.

Thorough quality control checks are conducted along the production chain. The company guarantees the full traceability of the finished products, from farm to fork. All the inputs are also traceable thanks to its laboratory, where microbiological, serological and veterinary analyses are carried out to ensure the safety of the product.

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breeders working under contract

farms for the breeding of chickens

farms for the breeding of guinea fowl and ducks

tonnes of chicken produced annually

From farm to fork