Known until 2011 as Food and Allied Industries Ltd, Avipro Co. Ltd is the first company of the Eclosia Group and a pioneer in the poultry sector in Mauritius. Its main activities are breeding and production, grouped under the Farming and Processing entities respectively.

Breeding takes place in secure and automated farms, under optimal conditions – healthy and balanced diet and biosecurity measures – for the well-being of the poultry. Before being transferred to Processing, where they will go through the production chain (slaughter, plucking, evisceration, cooling, selection, cutting, packaging and cold storage), the poultry are caught by chick catchers – a job that requires the address to avoid harming the animals. The chick catchers are at work from dawn so that the chickens arrive at the factory at the scheduled time.

Throughout the production chain, rigorous quality controls are carried out. The company ensures full traceability of the finished products up to the batches of chickens on the farms as well as all the inputs, thanks to its laboratory, where microbiological, serological and veterinary analyzes are carried out in order to guarantee the harmlessness of the products.

Our Credo

Our Purpose

To satisfy our clients and consumers by offering high-quality and affordable poultry products.

What we aspire to become

We aspire to lead the way in sustainable poultry production in the Indian Ocean and East Africa, driven by our know-how and our desire to champion entrepreneurship in all the countries we operate.

To satisfy our clients and consumers by offering high-quality and affordable poultry products.

Our values

INTEGRITY forms the cornerstone of our values and offers a solid guarantee to our shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers and communities.

DIGNITY knows no hierarchy and represents each individual’s inner treasure.

PROFESSIONALISM, CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION drive our growth and ensure the sustainability of our actions.


LOYALTY ensures that we build long-term and harmonious relationships.

RESPECT for one another and mutual recognition are fundamental to our relationships.

The ability to LISTEN is a rich source of learning when we draw on the strength of our differences.

EQUITY is the promise of social justice and liberty.

This leads to the QUALITY of our products and relationships and gives us confidence in our beliefs and in the fulfilment of our tasks and responsibilities